Welcome to our amazing farm

We love our consumers as much as we love our farm, because we believe that people should know where the meat they eat comes from. Our children eat organic lamb, and we want you to eat real meat too.

“O mankind,
eat from whatever is on earth [that is] lawful
and good and do not follow the footsteps of Satan.
Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy.”

Surah al-Baqarah (The Cow) 2: 168

Family farm

Family farm “LAHMATY”. SH Group Partners LLC was established on March 4, 2019. We are engaged in sheep breeding with their subsequent processing into premium meat. We deliver chilled lamb meat to the market of the UAE and the Persian Gulf countries by air. The farm is located in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Zhambyl District, Almaty Region, at the foot of the mountains of Zailiyskiy Alatau, which are a continuation of the mountain range in the North-West of the Tien Shan Mountains.

Since ancient times, this place was used by nomads for grazing, our ancestors owned it. Now we are on the land of our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers. Our family took into account the centuries-old experience of our ancestors and combined it with modern technology, creating a farm on our family estates.

Rivers with crystal clear water flow through the territory of our land, which originate high in the mountains from the melting of glaciers. The waters of these rivers are used to irrigate arable land and pastures owned by SH Group Partners LLC with the trademark LAHMATY, and our lambs drink this crystal-clear water.

The climatic feature of the region allows animals to eat fresh grass almost all year round. The temperature in the winter does not fall to - 20-25 C, in the summer it reaches +30 +35. The annual rainfall on the plains is up to 300 mm, in the foothills and mountains from 700 to 1000 mm per year, which allows the grass to be always juicy and nutritious.

Our lambs

On our farm, we breed local sheep. The average live weight of lambs at 6 months of age is 24-34 kg. The carcass yield of 6-month-old lambs is about 50% or 12-17 kg. The yield of meat in carcasses is 80%, the bone content is not higher than 20%.


Sheep pasture management is carried out on our own alpine meadows, located at an altitude of over 1000 meters above sea level, through free grazing. The diet of young lambs includes more than 80 species of forage plants.
In winter, animals are also most of the time on pasture. From under a thin layer of snow, with their hoof they dig up forbs and, in particular, wormwood, which after the first frost loses its bitterness, retaining important nutritional properties for lambs.
The meat of the lamb fed on such vegetation acquires a unique aroma and is unique in its taste. Having tried it once, you will never forget it. Additionally, animals are fed with specially balanced feed, which includes: alfalfa hay, herb hay, wheat grass hay and barley.



Certificates and the food production approach. We produce exclusive Halal lamb meat according to the world standards of Halal Certification Services, and also our farm is built and operates according to the requirements of the international standard in the field of safety product quality ISO 22000.

A careful approach to lamb breeding allows us to guarantee the quality of products and their environmental friendliness, as we carefully care for and raise each lamb. We monitor every animal, from the moment of insemination of a sheep to the slaughter of a lamb, knowing the pedigree of the broodstock of several generations. We grow it exclusively naturally without the use of any food additives or growth hormones. The animal grows and eats as Allah created it.


Our company has its own modern slaughterhouse, built and equipped in accordance with world standards in the field of product quality safety, the standards of the United Arab Emirates, the Gulf countries and ISO 22000, as well as Halal rules at any stage of the food chain in accordance with Islamic law. This approach helped us to avoid risks in obtaining international accreditation, since compliance with all standards was taken into account already when designing the construction of a farm and a slaughterhouse.

Products range

The assortment and quantity is formed personally based on the customer's requests. Export is carried out by air. We delivered up to 5 tons of products per month. The capability of our slaughterhouse now allows us to supply up to 5 tons of meat per day, however, we are not chasing volumes, as we position ourselves as a family farm that monitors the quality of the meat of each lamb. It is important for us that you eat natural, exclusive and limited lamb meat, which we eat ourselves together with our children. Additionally, we sell the products of our farm in the city of Almaty.

Bone-in ovine carcass

Bone-in ovine carcass, cut into pieces:
Bone-in lamb shoulder

Bone-in lamb leg

Bone-in lamb loin

Bone-in lamb ribs

Offal - lamb heart, liver, kidneys, lungs

“O mankind,
who have attained faith, eat of the good things We have provided you,
and give thanks to Allah if it is He that you worship.”

Surah al-Baqarah (The Cow) 2: 172


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